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Volunteers needed for magnetic resonance studies of the brain. MRI is a type of brain scan that allows us to see how the brain is organised, processes information and performs skills like speech or memory.

We are looking for healthy volunteers to improve our understanding of brain structure and brain function of decision-making.

The study will take place at the fMRIB centre, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. It will take about 120 minutes. You would be asked to lie still in a scanner and perform some simple tasks like making decisions by pressing buttons. You will first receive instructions and practice the task out of the scanner (~15 minutes) and then complete the main task inside the scanner (~45-60 minutes). We aim to improve our understanding of how the brain processes involved in humans making choices.

Who are we looking for? Participants who are healthy, fluent English-speaking, right-handed, aged 18-40 years, not pregnant and with normal or corrected-to-normal-vision (glasses or contact lenses). You will be asked questions about your medical history to check your suitability for an MRI scan.

If you are interested, please contact Johannes Algermissen at


Research Ethics Project Number: CUREC ref R92186/RE001