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MRI is a type of brain scan that allows us to see how the brain is organised, processes information and performs skills like speech or memory.  This scan is safe and does not involve any needles or injections.


We are looking for healthy volunteers with or without low mood. We aim to improve our understanding of the brain systems which allow us to learn. We are particularly interested in how these systems are associated with mood. At first, participants will fill out a short mood questionnaire online (~10min). This will be followed by an interview (via video or phone call, ~30min) and a study visit involving MRI (~3h). During the visit, you would be asked to lie still in a scanner and perform some simple computer tasks.

Who are we looking for?  Healthy fluent English-speaking right-handed men or women aged 18-45 years who have normal or corrected to normal vision. You cannot participate if you are pregnant, have a history of alcohol or drug dependency, bipolar or psychosis disorder or if you are taking recreational drugs or medication/herbal remedies for your mental health. You will be asked questions about your medical history to check your suitability for an MRI scan.

If you are interested please click here for more information and to fill in a short mood questionnaire. Alternatively, contact Ms Lisa Spiering

Ethics number: R40628/RE004