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Healthy 18-22 year-olds needed for EEG study on wellbeing in the brain (2 hours)

The Wellbeing in the brain study investigates resilience and how young people cope with frustration. We want to find out why some young people cope extremely well with stressful situations, while others find it more difficult.  

We are inviting participants to come to the Anna Watts building in Oxford, where they will first fill out several questionnaires. After that, they will be fitted with EEG caps, and spend half an hour playing a cooperative ball-tossing game with each other on the computer.  

The total time spent in the lab will be up to 2 hours, and participants will be compensated for their time.  

To participate, you should:

  • Be 18-22 years old
  • Have normal hearing
  • Have no history of neurological disorders
  • Not be on psychoactive medication

If you are interested, please contact, or directly sign up via sona systems here:

Ethics number: R78597/RE001