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Lawrence Yu 余浩榮

Lawrence Yu 余浩榮

Ho Wing (Lawrence) Yu


Oxford Centre for Anxiety Disorders & Trauma (Clark & Ehlers)

  • Schwarzman Scholar (2020/21)
  • Principal Investigator (NTU) (2018/19)
  • Visiting Scholar & Principal Investigator (HKU) (2018)
  • Global Study Awardee (2016/17)
  • Hong Kong Scholar (2016)

Post-traumatic stress disorder in a cross-cultural context

Research Summary

My research interest lies in cultural influences on responses to stressful events. I am investigating cultural differences in the psychological processes underlying the development and maintenance of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other psychological disorders after stressful events. Specifically, experimental paradigms and prospective longitudinal studies are devised to explore the mechanism involved in the onset, severity, and treatment of these psychological disabling conditions in a cross-cultural context.

Currently, the present research is focused on a set of candidate cultural factors that may affect how the local emerging adults (aged 18-25) in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom appraise, remember and cope with stressful events. Given the growing significance of stressful events, the findings might enable us to better understand cultural-specific stress responses and promote the cultural sensitivity of the existing psychological models (and treatment) of trauma- and stressor-related disorders.