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Liam Norman

BSc, PhD

Departmental Lecturer in Cognitive and Individual Differences

Human Echolocation, Vision and Plasticity

Research interests

My main research interests are in human perception, with a current focus on how people use echolocation.  Echolocation is a method of sensing the environment using reflected sound, and it is used by some people with vision loss to an extraordinarily high level.  My research involves trying to understand the perceptual abilities that echolocation confers, the acoustic cues that are relevant in echolocation, and how people (sighted and blind) actually learn to use echolocation. To do this I have used a combination of behavioural experiments, psychophysics, and fMRI, and have regularly tested human expert echolocators as well as people new to echolocation. 

I am also interested in visual perception, having conducted experiments in 2nd-order vision (e.g. texture properties), perceptual constancy, and consciousness.

Key publications

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