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We're tremendously pleased to announce that four of our faculty members have been conferred new titles and we've asked each of them to share a few thoughts about this achievement.

Awarded title of Associate Professor:


Polly Waite

Polly's work focuses on the development, maintenance & psychological treatment of anxiety disorders in DClinPsy, PhD Polly Waite - Associate Professor of Clinical Psychologyadolescents.

She said, "I am so delighted to be awarded the title of Associate Professor. Having joined Oxford a year ago, it isa great honour to be recognised for the work that our team and I have been doing in order to try to improve the mental health of young people, and adolescents, in particular. "





Awarded title of University Research Lecturer:


Miriam Klein-Flügge

Miriam’s work focuses on subcortical & cortical contributions to decision making & learning.

She said, “It is nice to receive some good news in these difficult times. I feel very honoured to be conferred the title of URL because it officially recognises my contributions to research, supervision and teaching in the department." 





Nicholas Myers

Nick's work examines the control of working memory and how brain oscillations may act to organise such control. 

He said, "i consider myself very lucky to be working with fantastic colleagues and mentors in the Department of Psychology and at OHBA. But in particular it is the brilliant students with whom i've had the good fortune to do research who make this a great place." 





Manuel Spitschan

Manuel's work examines how light affects our brain, physiology & behaviour beyond what we consciously see and perceive.

He said, "Working in the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford enables me to contribute to real-world questions, and find novel solutions for important and translational problems, including understanding how light exposure affects our physiology and behaviour. The University Researcher Lecturer title isa big honour for me, showing that the department and the University recognises my accomplishments."