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Children and Adolescents wanted for brain and behaviour study about numbers


We are looking for children and adolescents to take part in our research into the cognitive and biological bases of numerical skills and learning.

Participants don’t need to be good with numbers; but they do need to be right-handed, fluent English speakers, and without any known (or suspected) neurological, developmental or psychiatric disorder.

We are currently looking for children aged 6, 10 or 14 years or students who will start their AS levels this coming September. 

All participants will receive a small gift for taking part, and reasonable travel expenses will be refunded.

You can find out lots more about this research, including detailed information sheets, on our study website or you can contact our team by email or text ‘PARTICIPATE’ to 07464 755 010 for further information.

 We are also on Facebook and Twitter!


 CUREC REF: MS-IDREC-C2-2015-016