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Learning in a dynamic social environment

We are conducting a study into how people learn, specifically what environment they learn best in! We are hoping our results can give us some insight to how we can help improve education policies and strategies to help people learn better!

We are looking for healthy volunteers, aged 18-40, to undertake a computerised learning task.  Since our study aims to study learning in social environments, we are looking for volunteers who are comfortable in social settings, and who have no trouble in learning quickly.

The task will involve a fictitious, virtual monetary transaction. Responses given will be provided feedback in the form of faces with different facial expressions and/or hearing encouraging and discouraging voices. It is vital that you have NEITHER a history of social anxiety or related disorders, NOR any learning disorders.

If you are interested, please contact Berton Lim at the Department of Experimental Psychology on 07783 964521 or email

Ethics Reference Number: R53095/RE001