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This study aims to compare two ways of thinking about everyday stressful parenting events, in order to try to find ways of reducing parental stress, anxiety and low mood.

We are looking for parents aged 18 and above who have a child aged 2 – 16 to take part.

The study involves completing some questionnaires online, which take approximately 15 minutes and participating in a half hour task during which you will be asked to describe and recall a recent stressful parenting event and provide some ratings of your mood. This can take place at your own home or at the Department of Psychiatry.

The research is being conducted by Joanna Mann, Trainee Clinical Psychologist at the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training.

As a thank you for their time participants will be entered into a prize draw to win one of three shopping vouchers.

To seek further information about this study, please click on the link below: and enter your email address 

Research Ethics Committee Approval No: R53045/RE005