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Object recognition and speech perception 1

This study investigates the processes underlying object recognition and speech perception and tries to understand whether these processes differ between adults and infants.

We are currently looking for participants who fulfil the following requirements: native British speaker, 18-40 years of age

The study will involve sitting in front of a television screen which will display pictures of objects, and listening to accompanying words. The study takes approximately 30 minutes.

We collect data by recording eye movements with the help of an eye tracker. It films the participant’s eyes, and the software behind it calculates where in the screen the participant is looking. This way we can find out exactly how the participant processes what is on the screen. In order to track eye movements, the eye tracker uses a small infrared light to produce a reflection on the participant’s eye, which is recognized by the eye tracking software.

If you are interested in taking part in our study, please email Marlene Spangenberg.

Research Ethics Project Number: MS-IDREC-C1-2015-224 (R42980/RE003)