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Abigail Thomson

BSc (Hons)

Research Assistant

I am an MSc Clinical Psychology student, currently working on the Co-CAT (Child Anxiety Treatment in the context of COVID-19) trial, in the TOPIC Research Group. Our research aims to establish whether an online parent-led intervention (OSI) works as well as what CAMHS are otherwise offering to help children (5-12 years old) with anxiety problems, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

I previously worked on the MY-CATS (Minimising Young Children's Anxiety Through Schools) project, testing out new ways of identifying and supporting children who might benefit from help to build confidence and reduce problems with anxiety, now and in the future. 

More broadly, my research interests lie in the prevention of psychopathology in children and young people. I have a specific interest in the mechanisms underlying the association between childhood adversity and the development of psychopathology. I am also passionate about improving co-production in research for children and young people, and empowering those with lived expertise to develop research, and enact change in mental health services.