Alessandro Bongioanni

BA, MA, MSc, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate

I am interested in how the brain makes complex decisions, for example decisions about novel items whose value has not been learned by extensive practice. I am also interested in how the brain encodes and processes complex cognitive representations and use them to make inferences. Additionally, I bring a special attention to how such thinking and decision-making are influenced by motivational factors.
A common thread is that I am intrigued by the similarities in cognition between humans and other primates, as well as by the differences between biological and artificial decision-makers.
My research has combined non-invasive tools in non-human primates, such as functional MRI and transcranial ultrasound stimulation, with computational modelling.
I have a degree in philosophy and one in neuroscience. I did my PhD under the supervision of prof. Matthew Rushworth.

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