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Research groups

Allie Hexley


DPhil Candidate

  • Perception (Smithson Lab)

DPhil Student

Research Overview

My research is focused on exploring the intra- and interpersonal differences in colour perception in order to maximize experience from display technologies. I am to investigate differences in cone ratios and arrangements across individuals and across the retina within individuals.

As a Marie-Curie Early Stage Researcher, I will be a part of the ITN's RealVision training network. The RealVision project involves the training of 15 doctoral students, and the ultimate goal of producing hyperrealistic images on displays that are indistinguishable from the real scene. 


DPhil in Experimental Psychology; University of Oxford (2018-present)

Graduate Student; Department of Neuroscience; Harvard University (2017-2018)

BS in Physics & Brain and Cognitive Sciences; MIT (2013-2017)

Recent publications

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