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Ana Todorovic

Postdoctoral Research Associate

I research neural correlates of anxiety and resilience in adolescents.

My research focuses on predictive processing in its many guises. The sensory brain is exceptionally attuned to statistical regularities in the environment. Disruptions in this attumenent can be used to study basic mental functions such as attention, memory, or language.

I am currently working on applying predictive processing to study anxiety and its counterpart, emotional resilience, in adolescents. My broader research interest is how changes in bodily state, such as when we experience emotion, influence predictive processing. 

In the past, I used auditory predictive processing recorded with EEG or MEG to study how the brain keeps track of time, how attention works, how language is processed and why repeated stimuli lead to a reduction in the neural response compared to novel stimuli. 

Key publications

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