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Andrew Allan


Building and Facilities Manager

As the Buildings and Facilities Manager I am responsible for taking the lead in the strategy, planning and day-to-day operational needs of the Department, in relation to management, safety and security of the buildings, facilities, equipment and furniture and report to the Departmental Administrator  I am also responsible for managing minor and major refurbishment and new building work projects.  Overall I ensure that space is used efficiently, safely and productively to support high quality research and teaching.

I am  the departmental point of contact for all building services matters both within the Department and to other University services and external contractors.

I am responsible for monitoring the use of departmental space and facilities in line with the Department’s research, teaching, and administrative needs.  Holding, maintaining and updating the Department’s library of record drawings and building plans, including contingency plans, and departmental electronic/computerised record systems and databases, some of which are linked to University-wide systems.  Ensuring that data held records all relevant information about the current occupation and use of space in the departmental buildings, including space occupied by members of staff and groups.


I liaise with the OUES, Departmental and Area Safety Officers, the University’s Safety Office, and Security Services, responsible for the provision of infra-structure services (mechanical, electrical, other utilities, and waste disposal) security and safety arrangements, and building integrity.