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self-portrait drawn with my eyes + cheap(ish) eyetracker

self-portrait drawn with my eyes + cheap(ish) eyetracker

Hélio Clemente Cuve

BSc, MA.

DPhil Candidate

  • Clinical Social Cognition (Bird Lab)

Visual social attention, emotion and face processing

I am interested in understanding the mechanisms underlying visual social attention and how they break down under psychopathology, for example, in Autism and Alexithymia (e.g. emotion/face recognition deficits, atypical gaze). I make use of psychophysiology and eye-tracking methods to collect data from human participants that allow me to build statistical and computational models to test theories of visual social attention. 

I am also a sound engineer, so whenever I am not working on my Ph.D., I am most likely playing with synthesizers, drum machines, Ableton, or other things with shiny buttons.

My Ph.D. research is funded by a Clarendon Scholarship and a Medical Sciences Division Studentship.

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