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Jelka Stojanov


DPhil Candidate

Intergroup emotion processing: First- and second-order emotion judgments and empathy

My DPhil research is concerned with understanding how emotion judgments and empathy are impacted by (a) group membership of the empathiser and the target, (b) their group relations (i.e., within- and between-group cooperation versus competition), and (c) group meta-perceptions – people’s representations of how groups perceive each other in society.

To explore these questions, I adopt two main approaches: (a) studying existing social groups in post-conflict regions, and (b) employing a minimal group paradigm to delineate factors that directly produce intergroup biases (e.g., group membership) from factors that amplify or attenuate them (e.g., history of competition and conflict). I also attempt to capture perceptual patterns (by using eye-tracking) as well as affective markers (by using psychophysiological recordings) which may reveal underlying mechanisms of intergroup emotion processing.

My DPhil project is funded by the Dulverton Trust (Dulverton Scholarship) and the Rotary Foundation (Rotary D1090 Global Grant) and supervised by Professor Brian Parkinson and Professor Geoff Bird.

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