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Jelka Stojanov


DPhil Candidate

Intergroup emotion judgments and empathy: The influence of group category membership and group relations

I combine behavioural, computational, eye-tracking, and psychophysiological tools to understand the influence of group processes on social perception.

Specifically, my DPhil research examines how group category membership and (induced or perceived) group relations influence two closely related socio-affective processes: (a) judgments of facial expressions of emotion and (b) empathy. In my work, I advocate moving beyond group categories as stand-alone units of interpretation and incorporating features of groups, group relations, and group environments more meaningfully into social psychological research and theorising (i.e., feature-oriented thinking about groups as opposed to category-oriented thinking about groups).

To date, my DPhil research has been supported by the Association for Psychological Science, Dulverton Trust, the Experimental Psychology Society, the Rotary Foundation, and St John's College. 

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