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Keegan Clay Shepard


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Keegan completed a BBA in 2013 at the University of Minnesota, and an MPH in 2015 at the University of Dundee. Following his masters, he moved down to London to work at NIHR within the Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) team, later accepting a PhD studentship at Edge Hill University in the North West of England. His PhD research explored the perceptions of patient safety within the NHS Ambulance Services, where he conducted 44 semi-structured with staff representing three organisational levels (executive, management, operational), as well as three different Ambulance Service NHS Trusts in England.

Following the completion of the PhD, Keegan accepted a Postdoctoral Research Associate post under Professor Charles Vincent within the Risk & Safety Group at the University of Oxford. His work is on the resolution of patient concerns with the Quality Safety and Outcomes Policy Research Unit (QSO PRU), a collaboration between the University of Oxford, Kent, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), the Picker Institute and Hull-York Medical School. Beyond his work with QSO PRU, he is also looking at how health professionals manage everyday risk within a clinical environment with Dr Jane Carthey.

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Upcoming Publications

Burton, S., Shepard, K. and Silvero, S., 2021. What’s Your Poison? On the identity crises faced by healthcare professionals who (ab)use drugs and alcohol. In: M. Addison, W. McGovern and R. McGovern, ed., Drugs, Identity and Stigma. Palgrave.

Shepard, K., Spencer, S., Kelly, C. and Wankhade, P., 2021. Staff perceptions of patient safety within three Ambulance Service NHS Trusts in England: an exploratory qualitative study.