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Keno Juechems

B.Sc., M.Sc, D.Phil.

Junior Research Fellow, St John's College

  • Human Information Processing (Summerfield Lab), Cognitive Computational Neuroscience (Hunt lab)

Keno is currently a Junior Research Fellow in Psychology at St John's College. He is based in the Human Information Processing (PI: Chris Summerfield) lab in the department, as well as in the Cognitive Computational Neuroscience lab (PI: Laurence Hunt) in Psychiatry.

He studies how people make decisions when their choices are constrained in some way. For example, how people prioritize one goal over others (e.g. on a to-do list), how people decide where to allocate investments under a limited budget, or how they learn to make decisions in an optimal sequence. 

He uses tasks that range from simple two alternative choice settings to video game-like tasks. He then uses computational modeling, including neural network models of reinforcement learning, to understand the complex behaviour in these tasks, and complements this with neuroimaging (mainly functional MRI).

Keno has a background in Psychology and Cognitive Science and completed his PhD under the supervision of Chris Summerfield and Jill O’Reilly in the department.

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