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Research groups

Lowrie Burgess

Research Assistant

I am a research assistant on the Co-RAY project within the TOPIC group. The Co-RAY project is a knowledge mobilisation project, with the aim of developing mental health resources for young people in collaboration with young people. 

As well as developing resources, we are currently running a qualitative study to examine young people's experiences of being involved in mental health research. We hope that this research will help us to develop a better understanding of how we can maximise both young people's contributions to and benefits from participation in research. This will also enable the development of more informed guidelines for involving young people in mental health research. 

More broadly, my interests lie in child and adolescent psychopathology and neurodevelopmental disorders. I am interested in understanding the neuropharmacological and associative mechanisms that contribute to the development and maintenance of such disorders, and how this can be translated to practical therapeutic approaches.

I graduated with a BA (Oxon) in Experimental Psychology from St Hugh's College in 2021.