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Martina Smith

BA (Hons), PGCE, MA, EdD

Research Assistant

I am a research assistant on the START (Supporting Toddlers with a family history of autism/ADHD to develop strong Attention, Regulation and Thinking Skills) early intervention programme, led by PI Alexandra Hendry.

I am currently working to develop measures of parental self-efficacy that can be used to examine parenting as a mechanism of change in parent-mediated early interventions in the context of neurodiverse populations. These measures focus upon parent-led interventions that support the development of executive functions in early childhood – the thinking and self-regulating skills that are involved in problem solving, planning and impulse control.  

I recently completed my Doctor of Education (EdD) Degree at the University of Sheffield. My doctoral research critically explored the ways in which dominant socio-economic and normative psychological discourses construct the lives of disabled children and their parents. Prior to my EdD, I completed a Masters in Early Childhood Education at the University of Sheffield and worked in a variety of international contexts as a qualified primary school teacher. I am also a parent-carer to my eldest child who has a life-limiting epilepsy syndrome and various labels of learning disability.