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Mihaela Duta

MSc, DPhil

Postdoctoral Research Associate

I am a researcher in the Oxford University Babylab working on neuro-computational models for language mediated attention in infancy.

From 2012 to 2017 I was the Research Software Officer of the Department of Experimental Psychology. During that time I provided specialised software support for the research activities in the department. In close collaborations with researchers, I conceptualised, designed and implemented the software infrastructure for running neuropsycholgy studies integrating a variety of experimental equiment. I also provided software support for data processing, visualisation and analysis. Part of my work also involved mentoring students and junior researchers in experimental design and sustainable software development.

I strived to enable reproducible research by providing a sustainable software infrastructure. To that end I wrote modular and flexible software frameworks that allow easy customization by end users with minimal programming experience. 

I developed a self-contained Matlab-based tool for stimuli administration and data collection that has a user interface to guide the experimental protocol and facilitates the integration of data collection from multiple devices. The tool has been used with infants, children, adolescents and adults, in studies recording reaction time, eye movements and skin conductance. For eye-tracking data, the tool is also complemented by a general-purpose suite of data processing scripts to extract fixation and saccade information from both infant and adult data.

I have also worked on a range of translational projects, for which I conceptualise, design, implement and deploy tablet-based neuropsychology assessment tools across the life-span.

Working with late Professor Glyn Humpreys and Nele Demeyere I developed two cognitive assessment tools:

  • OCS-Mobile - targeted at broad cognitive impairment in acute stroke patients
  • OCS-Plus - targeted subtle domain general cognitive impairment associated with normal or abnormal ageing.

OCS-Mobile and OCS-Plus have already been translated in 12 languages and are extensively used in UK and abroad both in laboratory and clinical research. OCS-Plus has also been administered to a 2700-strong sample from the HAALSI INDEPTH ageing cohort in rural South Africa at the MRC/Wits Rural Public Health and Health Transitions Research Unit in Agincourt.

Working with Professor Gaia Scerif I developed two suites of attention and executive control assessments targeted at pre-school children and adolescents for which data collection in ollaboration with Catherine Draper (University of Capetown) and Kathy Kahn is currently under way in South Africa. 

In collaboration with Professor Maggie Snowling, I developed PRALIN, a suite of language skills assessments targeted at four- and five-year old children. PRALIN has been administered to a 270+ sample of children in an intervention study in Brazil for screening and assessing children at risk of language and literacy problems.

 Links to videos with news coverage of two of the research groups I work with can be found below:

Oxford University Babylab

Stroke Awareness Day 2015

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