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Mirta Stantic

DPhil Candidate

  • Clinical Social Cognition (Bird Lab)

My research concerns representations of high-level visual categories (mostly faces, but also objects, scenes, etc.) in healthy and impaired populations. I aim to explain how healthy visual processing works through understanding the gaps in impaired processing. My current research with autistic patients aims to explain components necessary for healthy processing of facial motion in life-like situations. In conducting this research, I use both behavioural tasks and neural modeling to explain the difference between healthy individuals’ functioning and impairments in disordered populations. My Ph.D. research is funded by a Wilfrid Knapp Science Fellowship and a Grand Union DTP ESRC studentship. 

Before starting my PhD at Oxford, I was a data analyst for three years. Prior to that, I graduated from Harvard College, where my research with prosopagnosic patients looked at category-specific visual processing and failures of category-specific recognition. 


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