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Nilgoun Bahar

BA (Hons), M.H.Sc (Speech Language Pathology)

D.Phil Candidate

  • Brain, Speech & Language Group (Watkins Lab)

My research focuses on the structural and functional brain correlates of speech and language development in children with a neurodevelopmental condition called developmental language disorder (DLD). I use a number of brain imaging methods, coupled with neuropsychological testing to learn what’s different (and what’s the same) in this population.

In a second stream, I’m also investigating aspects of speech sensorimotor integration and adaptation in DLD. Specifically, I’m keen on learning about online adjustments of speech production following altered auditory feedback in children with DLD.

I hope that in the long term this research will have positive implications for clinical practice. For example, it could pave the way for designing better measures of how speech language pathologists assess DLD. Having more sensitive assessment tools in turn influences the basic principles of intervention.