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Rosie O'Connor

Research Assistant

Research Assistant

I am a research assistant with the Attention, Brain and Cognitive Development (ABCD) research group, working on The ONE (orchestrating numeracy and the executive) Programme, funded by Nuffield Health. My main areas of interest are early child development of executive functions, mathematics and language development. 

Professor Gaia Scerif, Sylvia Gattas and I are working to design an intervention programme which is focussed on developing numeracy skills and executive functions in preschoolers. We are working collaboratively with early years practitioners to design a programme that is fun and easy to implement whilst also developing maths and executive skills in young children. 

In the past, I was a member of Edinburgh Laboratory for Language Development, working on projects related to language development in infants and young children. I also worked on a project with the University of St Andrews assessing executive functions in children at nursery school. Outside of research, I previously worked as an English language teacher and a one-on-one support assistant with children with autism.