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Research groups



Verena Klar


DPhil Candidate

I joined the Cognitive Neurology Lab in 2019 and have since been working on projects related to human episodic and working memory, decision making, and motivation. Currently, I am involved in an eye tracking study investigating the relationship between working memory and constructional apraxia and a longitudinal study pertaining to memory and motivation in Parkinson's Disease. I am also validating a questionnaire to assess clinical apathy. 

I studied psychology, philosophy, and German language and linguistics in Berlin, Goettingen, and Aarhus. During my studies, I worked on projects investigating individual differences in perceptual awareness as well as diagnostic reasoning and categorisation at the Department of Psychology in Goettingen. Prior to moving to Oxford, I completed an MSc in Psychological Research at the University of Edinburgh. My dissertation on function learning explored whether human beliefs about linear relationships between continuous variables could be recovered using a novel experimental technique.

My interests span the cognitive sciences with a focus on using experimental, neuroimaging, and computational techniques to study learning and memory.

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