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A new rubber hand paradigm evokes an illusion with three conceptually distinct components: (i) the participant experiences her/his hidden right hand as administering touch at the location of the examiner's viewed administering hand (visual capture of action); (ii) the participant experiences the examiner's administering hand as being the participant's own hand (experience of ownership); and (iii) the participant experiences her/his two hands as being in contact, as if she/he were touching her/his own hand (illusion of self-touch). The presence of these illusory experiences was confirmed by questionnaire responses and proprioceptive drift data.


Journal article



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830 - 838


Adult, Artificial Limbs, Female, Hand, Humans, Illusions, Male, Pattern Recognition, Physiological, Physical Stimulation, Proprioception, Rubber, Surveys and Questionnaires, Touch Perception, Young Adult