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We compared hypnotizability between two samples from different universities in Sweden. One test was administered in Swedish (University of Skövde) using a translated Swedish version of the HGSHS: A (Bergman, Trenter and Kallio, 2003). At Lund University, the original English version of the HGSHS: A (Shor and Orne, 1962) was used and participants also completed the Inventory Scale of Hypnotic Depth (ISHD; Field, 1965). The results suggest that administering the HGSHS: A in English to Swedish University students may only slightly reduce hypnotizability scores. Because the HGSHS: A was designed to be used for the initial screening of hypnotic suggestibility, for most practical purposes the original version seems a valid choice among non-English groups fluent in English. The data also support some recent findings about females exhibiting higher objective and subjective hypnotizability scores than male volunteers. Copyright © 2007 British Society of Experimental & Clinical Hypnosis.

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Journal article


Contemporary Hypnosis

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154 - 160