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We seek to improve understanding of interactions between cognition and emotion, particularly in the context of individual differences. Investigation of the selective processes underlying people's construction of their environments has shown the primacy of emotional factors, with relevance for health and also for economic decision-making. Selective processes have in addition been explored in terms of cognitive performance tasks which appear to provide new insight into some aspects of disorders such as IBS. More generally, basic research on underlying psychological processes may assist with some elements both of the promotion of good health and of the management of some health problems. Other striking differences among individuals in the area of laterality have been investigated in terms both of their extent and their possible sources.

Research and Patient Liaison:

  • Eleanor Chatburn


  • Katya Malykhina, University of Pennsylvania
  • Maura Lysaght, St Edmund Hall
  • Sarah Atayero, Wadham College
  • Ian Clemente, Harris Manchester College
  • Susanna O'Brien, St Edmund Hall

New research students shortly to join our team:

Bella Yantcheva will be visiting from the University of Adelaide and will be investigating cognitive and other factors in food intolerance.

Our team

  • Maryanne Martin
    Maryanne Martin

    Emeritus Professor of Abnormal Psychology

  • Emilia Boehm
    Emilia Boehm

    Cognition & Health Research Group (Martin Lab)

  • Julia Henrich
    Julia Henrich

    Cognition & Health Research Group (Martin Lab)

  • Marietta Papadatou-Pastou
    Marietta Papadatou-Pastou

    Research Collaborator in the Cognition & Health Research Group

Selected publications

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