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Training event in which people who are working closely with stroke survivors are invited to learn about stroke related cognitive deficits and how to screen for them using the OCS.

This training is mainly designed for therapists within the healthcare profession (e.g. OTs, , psychologists, physios, SaLT, specialist nurses, ...), as well as voluntary professionals working with stroke survivors.

The aim is to equip participant with the knowledge and practical skills to allow reliable and informed cognitive screening of stroke patients using OCS. This includes information about stroke specific cognitive deficits such as problems with attention, action planning, memory, executive functioning and language.

Speakers for this training are leading cognitive neuropsychologists from the University of Oxford, Emeritus Prof Jane Riddoch and Dr Nele Demeyere

The training is endorsed by the UK Stroke Forum Education and Training



Useful and important training event for all the Health care workers dealing with the care of stroke/TIA patients as Cognitive impairment is one of the important complications following stroke, which can have significant effect on the process of Rehabilitation.  - UKSFT reviewer