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Please find below information on how to obtain all the documentation needed for administering the Oxford Cognitive Screen.

There are 3 parts to the screen, a manual (including the norms table), a test booklet (to  be laminated and reused) and a participant pack (includes a scoring sheet, some pages for the participant and the report template: this needs to be printed for every patient)

In order to help us keep track of the spread of use of this cognitive screen, the test materials are being licensed for use through ISIS innovations. Isis Innovation is the technology transfer office of the University of Oxford, and Isis Outcomes is dedicated to support the use of Patient Reported Outcome measuers (PROs) developed at the University of Oxford. The test materials' licensing agreement will be free of charge for clinical use, though charges will apply for use by commercial entities.

In order to obtain a licence and the full test materials please fill in your details here (click the Oxford Cognitive Screen link). The section on study details is optional and can be left blank if you are not using the OCS as part of a research project.

The Oxford Cognitive Screen should always be made available free of charge to patients.

In addition to the written manual, a demonstration video on how to administer the OCS can be found here.