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Introducing some new faces at OSCCI:

Dr Nuala Simpson is a geneticist joining us from Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics at Oxford University. She will be researching what the impact of having an extra sex chromosome would be on language and laterality in a cohort of individuals with the sex chromosome trisomies XXX, XXY and XYY.

Dr Zoe Woodhead is a cognitive neuroscientist  joining us from UCL. she will be using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and functional transcranial doppler sonography (fTCD) to investigate the profile of lateralisation across various language tasks. The aims are to test the concordance of lateralisation findings between the two methodologies and to establish a reliable battery for assessment of language lateralisation.

Alex Wilson has joined as a Research Assistant at OSCCI, and will be working on the profile of language skills and laterality differences in people who experience language difficulties. He recently completed a masters in the Psychology of Mental Health at the University of Edinburgh, where he enjoyed being able to explore his interests in developmental psychology. Before this, he graduated from Oxford University with a BA in English. He will be starting his DPhil with OSCCI in the autumn.

Abigail Bradshaw has joined as a new PhD student at OSCCI, having graduated from the University of Oxford Experimental Psychology degree. She will be investigating how language lateralisation may relate to language ability, by testing how laterality differs between individuals with and without language impairments.