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Investigating speech communication and its neural basis.

Communication cognition research group dr riikka mottonen iStock by Getty images

Our research group investigates how our brains enable us to communicate with each other. We are especially interested in multisensory and sensorimotor mechanisms underlying speech communication. Our on-going research focuses on following questions:

  • How do sensory and motor brain areas interact during speech perception and production?
  • How does attention affect speech perception?
  • How are auditory and visual speech signals processed and integrated in the brain?
  • Can speech skills be enhanced using brain stimulation?

We use several imaging methods (MEG, EEG, fMRI) to measure brain activity and stimulation methods (TMS, tDCS) to disrupt and enhance brain activity during speech communication.


We will organise  SENSORIMOTOR SPEECH PROCESSING SYMPOSIUM in August in London. Registration is now open. Spaces are limited!



If you are interested in joining our group, please contact Dr Riikka Möttönen (


  • Welcome to Atakan Acar, who is an Erasmus student from Turkey!
  • Welcome to Dr. Tatsuya Daikoku, who is visiting us from Japan for five months!
  • Welcome to Eleonore Smalle, who is visiting us from Belgium for three months!
  • New paper in Neuropsychologia on understanding communicative actions.
  • Welcome to Dr. Muriel Panouilleres!
  • Welcome to Dr. Daniel Lametti and congratulations for British Academy Fellowship! 
  • New paper in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America by Chesters et al.
  • New paper in Cerebral Cortex by Smalle et al.
  • Frontiers Research Topic on Multisensory and Sensorimotor Interactions in Speech Perception

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