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Prof. Charles Vincent

Risk and safety research group prof charles vincent Images: Tokyo Electric Power Co.; Phalinn Ooi;

Our aim is to use research to both understand and improve the safety of healthcare and other industries.  Members of the group have worked extensively in many clinical contexts, in aviation, in the oil and nuclear industries. We are currently focused on three broad areas: 

(i) Organisational failure and resilience.  The NHS has suffered many serious failures in recent years and there is no consensus on how regulators and others should monitor the early signs of failure. We are examining how this might be done and in parallel assessing the broader role of regulation in the NHS.

(ii) Improving patient safety.  With colleagues in the Oxford Academic Health Science Network we are assessing the nature and scale of safety problems in the NHS and evaluating the impact of patient safety improvement programmes. We are also evaluating a programme to improve the measurement and monitoring of safety in the NHS.

(iii) Safety strategies and models.  Safety in healthcare has been approached in a largely uniform manner but safety is actually managed and achieved very differently across contexts. We are assessing how these models might be compared and how safety strategies might be developed and implemented in different clinical contexts.


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