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Research groups


Alejandro Salgado Montejo

Crossmodal Research Laboratory (Spence Lab)

My research focuses on understanding the influence of affective information on crossmodal correspondences. For example, I am interested in understanding how different shapes can be associated with a specific taste, and whether this effect is mediated in some way by emotional valence.

I have presented my research in several academic symposia and scientific communication events such as FENS, EBBS, the Pangborn Society Meeting, TEDxOxford, TEDxVillaCampestre, The Royal Institution, ESOMAR, The Experimental Food Society, and the SXSW Film Festival.  Since the start of my career, teaching has been a top priority and so far I have given lectures and talks in several countries and have over 10 years of experience in public speaking.

My interest in applying scientific research to the real world has led me to engage in several projects in industry, government, and non-profit organizations. I have worked in topics such as packaging development and evaluation, behavioural finance, food, design, film, marketing, innovation, social behaviour and entrepreneurship.

Recent publications

More publications

Food, the brain & sensory illusions

This talk was given at TEDxOxford. The brain creates our reality, so to really understand how we experience the world we must study how the brain integrates sensory information from a plethora of sources.

Diseñando Experiencias para el Cerebro

This talk was given at TEDxVillaCampestre. Nuestras sociedades nos han alejado de la ciencia, la han hecho aburrida y confusa, peligrosa y artificial. Sin embargo la ciencia es la práctica humana más precisa para generar soluciones y a través de ella podemos construir un mundo mejor.