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Research groups


Alexander Board

BSc, MSc

Research Assistant

I am a research assistant at the Brain and Cognition Lab and I am based at OHBA. Broadly speaking, my work focuses on memory and attention in health and disease. 

One of my main areas of research is investigating the effect of the ApoE gene (an important factor in Alzheimer’s disease) on memory in young, middle aged and elderly healthy individuals. The other, is looking at neural representations of time, how time perception can be spatially manipulated and distorted and the mechanisms underlying temporal judgments in the brain. To answer these questions, I use a mixture of behavioural, eye-tracking and EEG methods. Alongside this, I am responsible for a number of administration duties within the lab including helping to manage the Brain and Cognition website as well as wider administrative activities.

I completed both my BSc (Psychology) and MSc (Research Methods and Statistics) at Southampton University. My research focussed on investigating the efficacy of pharmacological treatments in anxiety disorders using behavioural and hypercapnia challenges (7.5% CO2 Inhalation).