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Alexander Temple McCune

Emotions and Affective Neuroscience (Fox Lab)

PhD (DPhil) Experimental Psychology; Psychopathy, Attention, and Associative Learning

Cognitive Correlates with Psychopathic Personality Traits in the General Population

My primary research interests are in understanding how differences between individuals bias the way in which we perceive and learn about the world around us. In particular, my research aims to explore cognitive deficits associated with psychopathic trait elevation found across the general population. My aim is to understand the implications these deficits have for the etiology, phenotype, and treatment of psychopathic personality disorder, alongside their potential advantages and disadvantages for healthy individual’s capacity to function in society.


Please reach out to discuss potential projects and collaborations.



BSc Psychology, University of York (2013)

MSc Psychological Research, University of Oxford (2016)

PhD (DPhil) Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford (2017)