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Amelia Draper

BSc., MSc., PhD.

Research Associate


I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham. I stayed on at the UoN to complete a masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Brain imaging and a PhD. Throughout my PhD I used multiple cognitive neuroscience techniques (MRI, DTI, TMS, and MR-Spectroscopy) alongside clinical assessments and behavioural tasks to study adaptive alterations in brain structure and function in young people with Tourette Syndrome. 

Research Summary

I have a keen interest in the motor system, movement disorders and development. I am currently studying mechanisms underlying motivation and apathy in young people. I also have an interest in the functioning of pre and supplementary motor regions of cortex, and relating brain structure (as measured by DTI or structural MRI scans) to behaviour.