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Angelika Love

BA (Oxon) MSc

Intergroup Conflict (Hewstone Lab)

My research focusses on intergroup relations in societies where group boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred, and specifically where growing parts of the population identify as being of mixed background (e.g., mixed ethnicity). I am particularly interested in the effect of intergroup contact with mixed individuals on prejudice and discrimination, and in the way people of mixed identity define their own ingroup.

Intergroup contact researchers have long recognized that people associate with multiple social categories at the same time. However, complex patterns of social identification – such as, for example, mixed ethnic identities – have received surprisingly little attention. Considering increasing levels of diversity in the UK and beyond, my doctoral research on mixed identities aims to address this relevant limitation.

Under the supervision of Prof Miles Hewstone and Dr Ralf Wölfer, I use social network analysis as well as large-scale representative survey data to address these research questions.

Previously, I have worked with Prof Julia Becker (University Osnabrueck, Germany) on attitudes and behaviour towards refugees. I also contribute to the impact assessment of social integration programmes in the UK.

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