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Anne-Marie Nußberger

DPhil Candidate<br><nobr>BSc (Psychology) BSc (Economics) MSc (Psychol. Research)

SoBE Lab & Crockett Lab

I am a DPhil candidate at the Crockett Lab, supported by the German National Academic Foundation. I have obtained a BSc in Psychology as well as a BSc in Economics from the University of Heidelberg (Germany) and an MSc in Psychological Research from Oxford University.

Mirroring my interest in the nexus of psychology and economics, my current research investigates uncertainty’s role in prosocial behaviour. Uncertainty has been investigated extensively by various disciplines and an uncontroversial finding is that it has a substantial influence on human behaviour. However, the direction of such effects may vary crucially with different types of uncertainty. For instance, uncertainty could either relate to the objective outcome of one’s action or to the subjective experience of another individual that is affected by one’s action. As such, my work aims to complement prior research that has predominantly conceived uncertainty as a unitary construct using laboratory experiments that are based on game-theoretical paradigms. While focusing on fundamental psychological mechanisms and aspects related to uncertainty's role in prosocial behaviour, my project also is geared towards informing (policy) interventions in the context of infectious disease being part of the Oxford Martin School's Programme on Collective Responsibility for Infectious Disease.

In another stream of research, I am investigating interpersonal comparisons of utility. Comparing utilities across different individuals has often been deemed impossible in the economic literature. Meanwhile, people actually make such comparisons on a day-to-day basis. Thus, I am looking at how people infer others' preferences in order to develop a formalised approach to interpersonal comparisons of utilities.

Finally, I am also working as a research assistant at the Crockett Lab on a project that investigates effects of drugs such as Ritalin on social decision-making. During my time in Heidelberg I was assisting on a project at the University’s Centre for Social Innovation that investigated applications of “nudges” to the public sector. As a research assistant under Prof Dr Klaus Fiedler in the Department of Cognitive Research in Social Psychology (CRiSP) at Heidelberg University I have worked on a wide spectrum of subjects in social psychology. 

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