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Brianna Doherty


Attention, Brain & Cognitive Development Lab (Scerif Lab)

Research Summary

My research focuses generally on attention trajectories and the relationship between attention and memory in development, using behavioral and cognitive neuroscience techniques.

More specifically, I am interested in atypical development. This work includes looking at attention as it relates to social cognition in infants at risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and young children with related neurodevelopmental disorders (Fragile X Syndrome, FXS). Do attention and memory interact differentially in social and non-social contexts, and does this differ in atypical development?

With 1 in 100 children in the UK diagnosed with ASD, and FXS representing the most common form of heritable intellectual disability, it is increasingly important to understand the cognitive profiles of these disorders. With my work I hope to contribute to a better characterization of atypical attentional development.

I am very grateful to my funders--the Rhodes Trust and the Clarendon Fund.

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