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Charlotte Booth


Postdoctoral Research Associate


As a Post-Doc in the Emotions and Affective Neuroscience research group, I investigate risk and resilience factors associated with adolescent mental health outcomes, with a focus on anxiety and depression. Specifically, I work on the CogBIAS Longitudinal Study, which measured a range of psychological factors in a sample of over 500 adolescents at three time-points (data collection was completed in July, 2018). This rich data-set will allow us to answer questions about the development of mental health outcomes across adolescence, which is an important developmental period, often associated with the onset of mental health disorders. Understanding the early risk factors for the onset of mental health disorders will help us to develop targeted intervention practices, specifically for high risk individuals. In the CogBIAS study, we assessed multiple cognitive biases, which are thought to influence mental health outcomes, which may be important mechanisms to target in psychological interventions. Genetic analyses have also been conducted, in collaboration with researchers from Queen Mary University, in order to investigate whether specific genetic profiles are associated with heightened risk or resilience pathways.


2015 - 2018: DPhil in Experimental Psychology

2013 - 2015: Research Assistant and Project Coordinator for the CogBIAS Project.

2012 - 2013: MSc in Research Methods in Psychology from the University of Essex (Distinction).

2009 - 2012 : BSc in Psychology from the University of East Anglia (2:1).

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