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Charlotte Hartwright

BSc (Psychology) MRes (Cognitive Neuroscience and Brain Imaging) PhD (Cognitive Neuroscience)

Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher

My work focuses on understanding the neurocognitive bases of mathematical competence, from early childhood through adulthood. I am working on a longitudinal project, where participants are drawn from different learning contexts to examine the relationship between training, normal brain development and mathematical achievement.

I use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to collect information about the structure, function and neurobiological composition of children and adults’ brains. These brain data are combined with measures of executive function and mathematical ability to provide a comprehensive description of mathematical cognition in the developing brain. 

Interested in taking part?

I am looking for children and adolescents to participate in research examining neurocognitive development and numerical skills. Please email me if you would like to know more, visit our study website or you can find the Brain 4 Maths project on social media 

Facebook: Brain4Maths | Twitter: @Brain4Maths

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