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Charumati Raghavan

BA (Psychology), MA (Applied Clinical Psychology), MRes (Brain Imaging & Cognitive Neuroscience)

Oxford Cognitive Neuropsychology Centre (Husain)


My research focuses on the study of the human brain's plasticity and its facilitation using non-invasive brain stimulation.

As part of my DPhil, I study the brain’s attention and perception networks, specifically in stroke patients with unilateral visual neglect. Unilateral neglect is a debilitating condition that afflicts many stroke patients and is known to be associated with poor functional recovery. I use repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) to facilitate these networks in the brain in order to attempt to remediate visual neglect in stroke patients. I also use functional and structural brain imaging techniques (fMRI, DTI) along with neuropsychological testing to study the effect of TMS on the brain's networks. Another key aspect of my research is long-term follow-up with patients to assess the value of TMS as a rehabilitative tool.

I am also working on extending my research to incorporate the study of representational neglect using the above mentioned tools.

I have completed a Masters in Applied Clinical Psychology from the University of Mumbai, India. I have also completed a Masters by Research in Brain Imaging and Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Birmingham, UK. Currently, I am working on my DPhil under the supervision of Professor Glyn Humphreys and Dr. Magdalena Chechlacz.

I am based at Wolfson College, Oxford. My DPhil is funded by the University of Oxford and the Stroke Association.

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