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Chloe Bracegirdle

BSc (Hons) MSc (Oxon)

Intergroup Conflict (Hewstone Lab)


What are the effects of different types of contact and when/why do they occur?

I am interested in how contact between different groups influences intergroup relations. The intergroup contact literature accumulated over the past 60 years primarily examines the effects of positive outgroup contact. Instead, my research focuses on the effects of both ingroup and outgroup, and positive and negative, contact. To investigate this I conduct social network and survey studies in a variety of different intergroup contexts in the UK, working under the supervision of Professor Miles Hewstone, Dr Ralf Wölfer and Dr Ben Fell.


Prior to commencing my DPhil, I obtained an MSc in Psychological Research from Oxford University, where I received the Archibald Jackson Prize, and a BSc in Psychology and Language Sciences from University College London, where I received the Faculty Medal for Best Finalist, Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship for Excellence and Jackson Lewis Scholarship. My BSc research investigated young children's social cognitive development and my MSc research examined the hydraulic relationship between ingroup and outgroup contact.