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Dyedra K. C. Morrissey (née Just)

Computational Psychopathology (Murphy Lab)

Research Summary

Why does time fly or slow down?

My research aims to uncover some of the processes involved in human time perception. I am looking at how different perceptual, emotional and individual difference variables influence our subjective perception of time.

My main focus at the moment is on a phenomenon called The Planning Fallacy, a term coined by Kahneman and Tversky in 1977 which describes the well-known phenomenon that we often underestimate the time it will take us to complete a task.

Short Biography

DPhil in Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford (2014-)

  • ESRC Studentship
  • Graduate Scholarship, Pembroke College

MSc in Psychological Research, University of Oxford (2013-2014)

  • ESRC Studentship
  • Graduate Scholarship, Pembroke College

BA Hons in Experimental Psychology - First Class - University of Oxford (2010-2013)


Was Kandinsky a Synaesthete? Examining His Writings and Other Evidence

Just DKC (2017) Multisensory Research, 30, 3-5, 447-460



Just DKC & Murphy RA. Does instrument control contribute to time perception?

Poster presentation at: Associative Learning Symposium, 2016, University of Cardiff, Wales

Just DKC & Claridge G. Was Kandinsky a Synaesthete? Evidence from his own writings and the psychological and philosophical literature of his time.

Oral presentation at: Synaesthesia and Cross-Modal Perception, an international Conference in conjunction with the UK Synaesthesia Association, 2016, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland