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I completed my first degrees in English Literature at Durham University, before working in the publishing industry for five years as a textbook editor. During this time, I studied for a BSc in Psychology with the Open University. I joined the Department of Experimental Psychology as a Research Assistant in 2015. 

Eleanor Chatburn


Graduate Research Assistant

I am interested in the application of psychological science to improve physical and mental healthcare.

Currently, I am managing a work package for the NIHR-funded programme, Partners at Care Transitions (PACT) where we are seeking to develop a measure of the quality of care transitions for elderly patients. 

Prior to this, I conducted a qualitative evaluation of the impact of a conceptual framework to measure and monitor safety in healthcare. This framework was tested by a number of NHS trusts in England and Scotland in an improvement programme funded by The Health Foundation.

I also collaborate on two clinical research studies: the Mindlock Project at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, a project investigating the psychological mechanisms that underlie persistent risk of suicidal relapse, and The Oxford Grief Study, a large-scale study investigating factors that predict the development of prolonged grief.

I am also interested in the intersections of philosophy, psychiatry, and psychology, and in the promotion of values-based practice in clinical education.  


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