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Research groups

Esther Beierl

Mag. rer. nat., Dr. phil.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Oxford Centre for Anxiety disorders and Trauma (OxCADAT)

My research focuses on new statistical advances, such as structural equation modelling as well as data mining and machine learning techniques, for the assessment of cognitive mechanisms that help to explain the development and maintenance of post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorders. These new statistical techniques are supposed to be more sensitive to discovering cognitive and symptom changes and can therefore assist with the development of new treatments for these disabling mental health conditions.

I recently completed my PhD at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany, holding a PhD scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation (‘Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes’). In my PhD thesis, I worked on fit indices and factor scores in structural equation modelling. In 2016, I worked on machine learning approaches for the prediction of self-reported health conditions at The Psychometrics Centre, University of Cambridge. 

I am an Associate with The Psychometrics Centre, University of Cambridge.