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Fabrice Luyckx

Human Information Processing (Summerfield Lab)

  • Bsc Psychology, Ghent University
  • Msc Theoretical and Experimental Psychology, Ghent University

My interests lie in the field of decision making, especially value-based decision making. This includes any kind of decision where a choice is made between options with a certain value (i.e. cars, candy, cafés) and is often opposed to perceptual decision making, where choices do not have any particular value to a person (like orientation, colour, movement direction).

We know from the field of behavioural economics that people are not a homo economicus, but often make 'irrational' or 'suboptimal' choices. They can behave inconsistently or fail to maximise their reward. However, our knowledge of what happens in the brain during these inconsistent choices remains limited. My research focuses on this black box. I try to understand how the brain represents different options, what the underlying dynamics are during a choice and how those dynamics change when a new option is introduced.

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